You can never be the president of Nigeria, Obasanjo assured Tinubu as he declared 29th of May as “National shutdown Day”

When I say am fighting my last fight to deliver Nigeria from collapsing this is what I mean, from May 29th nothing will work, and all Airport and roads will be shut down, and if Buhari thinks he can override Nigerians and impose Tinubu to Nigerians, let him wait for me when he step down.

According to the former president, People like him can’t stand and watch anarchy bleed, nobody will be sworn in as Nigerian President until all Constitution merit are meant.

You can’t sworn in a president who have a drug case in America, who’s school certificate is in question, we can’t allow that to happen, May 29th will make or break Nigeria

Obasanjo in an open letter openly endorsed Obi, saying he has an edge over Tinubu, Atiku and others, when compared in terms of knowledge, discipline and what they can offer, Obi has an edge.

12 thoughts on “You can never be the president of Nigeria, Obasanjo assured Tinubu as he declared 29th of May as “National shutdown Day”

  1. Obasanjo may your days be long for standing on side of truth. Nigeria is with you totally.

    1. The writer of this story is an enemy of Nigeria and Nigerians. OBJ can never come out to say or issue this type of statements because as a former head of state he understands the implications of such unguarded statements.

      1. Even if this is true, they can’t do him anything, does anything like law work in this country where criminals are ruling? If it is common man, they would start looking for him, it’s a pity some Yorubas are supporting him, only few yorubas not up to 3% are the ones saying the truth.

    2. Obasanjo’s name would be written on marble when his assertion comes to pass and I believe it must hold because he is on the path of truth, May God bless him.

  2. It’s a wishful thinking & a mere threat
    You will never be allowed to repeat what you did for Awolowo & Abiola
    You are not God that determine human destiny
    Enough is enough

    1. I am in surport of postponing the swearing on 29 May until pettision matters have been duly resolved

  3. A Daniel has come to town.!!! Obj fought the civil war to keep Nigeria One. He now realizes that it was an unjust war. The Igbos’ were pushed to the wall unjustly and now the persecution that forced them to leave Nigeria is more severe and ferocious. Obj is a man of God with conscience. He no longer sees justification in the continued wickedness against a race Nigeria rejects, hates and yet refuses to allow them freedom. Obj will not allow this wickedness and this is God acting through Obj and the OBIDIENTS.

  4. Hmmmm. Can this be true. Did Obasanjo actually said this where and when. What was the occasion. Assuming without conceding that he said this then Nigeria will be a better place for all of us

  5. We should allow peace to reign in our dear country Nigeria. The truth must be told. Let us call a spade a spade. We don’t want war again in this country. Enough is enough of suffering

  6. Please delete this FAKE NEWS. Stop Writing What OBJ would NEVER Say.

    You said Obasanjo in an open letter. Publish the letter let’s see and read. It’s evil to allow people to be spreading this fake fabricated News

  7. Baba iyabo you started prepare for jail with your age,You are already at night why can’t go rest and let God judge everybody, baba it’s only u be former president of Nigeria,(although u be Yaminrin) that’s ur tribe be,too much arogant,Go and sit down and look, enjoy all Nigeria money u still,(barawo,sege) useless old age man.

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