BREAKING: BRICS is spreading like wild fire. Nigeria dumps IMF, declares for BRICS!

BREAKING: BRICS is spreading like wild fire. Nigeria dumps IMF, declares for BRICS!

In a decision that greatly shook the foundations of the EU & the Mediterranean, Nigeria has decided to end all of its relationships with the western created IMF & declared its joining the alternate World Order controlled by Russia & China, known as BRICS.

Lashing out at the IMF during the historic announcement, the Nigerian president said: “You want us to sell Nigeria? Nigeria is not for sale! Foreign dictates that will lead to more poverty are unacceptable. The world must understand…human beings are not figures. Nigeria intends to join BRICS!” A Nigerian official confirmed the report by saying Nigeria will no longer go forward with obtaining a loan from IMF & will now turn to BRICS for whatever monetary help IMF could have provided with, albeit with stifling conditions.

In response to the historic polar shift that will see England loose yet another great colony in Africa to BRICS, EU Foreign Affairs Representative, Josep Borrell noted that the European Union is concerned about the “deteriorating political & economic situation in Nigeria and fears its collapse.” Speaking further he says, “The situation in Nigeria is dangerous!” As they wrapped up a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

Borrell later said that “If Nigeria collapses, it risks causing migration flows to the AU & cause instability in the MENA (Middle East & North African countries group.) We want to avoid the situation,” he concluded. EU ministers have asked Belgium & Portugal to send representatives on a mission to Nigeria to request they allow EU’s intervention. The feedback was, “The European Union cannot help a country that cannot sign an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)!”

EU representatives insist president Buhari must sign the IMF agreement, otherwise, the situation will get out of control and spell doom for the regime. But the Nigerian president has now defiantly ended all hopes of ever signing the IMF loan documents, insisting the documents are an indirect way of selling the North African nation to the EU for Pennies!

In the past, IMF has been severally accused of being colonial Europe’s Economic shackles around the necks of Nations under their agreement, especially African nations.

Across board, activists, leaders and lay people strongly hold that IMF loans, in principle, aren’t really for to help or develop the receiving nations, but rather to enslave and make them perpetually indebted to IMF and by extension, the European powers that fund it. Given that France has recently lost many of its former African colonies to Russians & by extension BRICS, many now fear latest IMF agreements have been crafted to further enslave remaining colonies and stop the mass exodus of African nations from the colonial IMF stranglehold to BRICS where many say they can access the same amounts of money, if not more, with little to know stifling or enslaving conditions, hence Nigeria’s decision to go that route at all costs. Hopefully Nigeria is able to secure some security guarantees from Russia & or China so it’s not turned to another Libya, for rebelling.

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