God bless Lucy Jeremiah Topnang, the female traveler who confronted daredevil kidnappers that stopped them and marched them into the bush from GSS Kuru.
    Lucy was on her way from Abuja to Jos when they were stopped at Kuru. The nine kidnappers wielding AK 47 rifle marched them into the bush but five of them left them with four of the criminals with only one of them with a gun.
    While moving into the bush, Lucy told her fellow kidnapped victims who are males that she would grab the one with the gun and they should manouvre their way out . The three other guys said that was dangerous since they didn’t have weapons.
    Out of nowhere, Lucy mustered the courage to hold the one with the gun and the one with the knife tried stabbing her in the stomach but missed.
    It was in the ensuing confusion that the kidnapped victims escaped.
    Lucy is presently traumatized and is under the custody of the police for protection.
    This lady should be awarded by the Governor honestly speaking.
    God bless Lucy Jeremiah Topnang. Amen/ Ameen.

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