An average Northern boy is 50 times more hardworking than 5 Igbo men combined

I see the love and care shown to me all over Nigeria, something that I can never take for granted, I will fight for you, for this love, I vow before God and man never to fail you

I won’t let you down, when you speak I will listen, when you protest I will listen to you, never will I use the military against you, never will I shot innocent Nigerians, this government will be your government, I will stand by you, I will protect all Nigerians.

Hold me by my words, if I don’t protect your interest and you want me out, I will respect your wish and reign honorable, all Nigerians will be my children and I will not be far from you, never will a Nigerian go to bed hungry, never!! Not under my watch, if it happens, then I have failed as a president.

Under my leadership as a president, I will not be an Igbo man, Hausa man or a Yoruba man, I will be a Nigerian who’s interest is to give you the life and dream you have always dreamed for, when things go wrong I will take responsible.

Any police man that harass a Nigerian or asked to check your phone will be dismissed and jailed, all Army officials will be sent to barracks, they are only wanted in wars not on the streets of Nigeria, a police man in the street will be restricted from carrying guns, I will wipe out the tears Nigeria made you to feel.

To Northern families, your children will not have to depend on Alhaji to feed them, my government will Feed them, the work of their hands will be enough for them, they will work and get paid.

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