Things are happening my people, you all need to be careful when seeking an apartment to rent.

This is what is called the hunted room, this scary event happened in Enugu just yesterday 7th of December 2022.

I parked in a new apartment which I paid 800k per year, but ever since I parked at this house, strange things have been happening and I thought maybe I have Malaria.

But yesterday’s event was different, I came back from work, and my door was locked because I can tell I used my key to open it. My brothers and sisters, immediately I opened my door, my room was in a different direction and shape, I wanted to run, but something in me told me, if you run at this moment you will have a body stroke.

The chair in my living room was flipped upside down and my Center rug was folded even my side room flower was laid down on the floor. It was obvious that some strange things happened in my room I told myself.

I went to my kitchen, low and behold the whole place was scattered, everything was opened and even my generator was on, generator that I personally off before heading to work, what is happening I asked myself, my whole body started to shake and my head started to get bigger and bigger, immediately i heard some strange noise in my bedroom, that’s when I knew the room was hunted and that am in a big mess.

I forced myself to go to my bedroom with all the fears in my, my people, that’s when I know I have been sharing my room with a strange Ghosts, everything was scattered, my bed, my window was open, my bed cover removed, the most strange  thing is that my wall mirror was flipped back to the wall, I went to the toilet and it used because I saw something like blood into the toilet.

As I was in the bedroom, a voiced called my name in the kitchen, 3 times, that’s when I ran out from the room and went outside.

I went to ask questions from people living close to me, and they all started laughing, they told me, before you parked into a house, ask questions. They said a pregnant woman was killed with her baby in that room one year ago by her husband, according to them, the lady died the most painful death ever known to man, because she was She was strangled to death

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