I can No longer keep quiet: After listening to Tinubu Chatham House, I feel sorry for Nigeria if this man rigged his way into power.

The white man who attended Tinubu Chatham house discussion has expressed fear and anxiety about Tinubu’s body language and health issues, he doesn’t speak well, and he coughs now and then, there was a time his team asked all attendance to switch off their phone simply because they wanted to change his pad which has soaked with urine.

From all evidence, Tinubu will not be the one ruling Nigeria, he is just a concealment place as a camouflage.

A book was brought for him to sign, but he couldn’t sign it because all his hands were shaking, a team member have to come and do the signing for him, this degree of fraud about to take place in Nigeria by APC will be legendary and second none since the beginning of mankind.

I witnessed the event, Tinubu is dying, after a minute’s walk, he was breathing so fast and was made to rest in a chair, Tinubu cannot remove his own clothes, someone who can’t manage his own body, how can he manage a country as big as Nigeria, his teammates are so afraid of people holding phone around him, they are afraid not to let the world see the walking dead they are about bringing to 200M Nigerians.

I wanted to keep mute, after all, am not from Nigeria, but my conscience keep judging me because this fraud is way too much.

Some of the questions asked Tinubu were not televised, because even his teammates are empty and can’t answer the questions. Nigerians wake up, Buhari will be 1 billion times better than Tinubu if he rigged his way into power.

All the videos you see that APC shared online as Tinubu Chatham House questions and answers are just what they wanted you to see, the real event are hidden from you.

There was a time everyone in the house become so annoyed after noticing Tinubu’s body health language and his inability to sign papers, everyone started to leave the event shouting Obi is better, but APC never showed you that.

Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria, the highest fraudulent event is about to happen to you all, wake up now and stop this man, if he becomes president, he will be hard to fight, but now that he is on neutral grand, fight him, stop him, don’t let him see power.

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